How To Fix Google Play Services has stopped Working

Some Android users are getting “Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped” error after installing a software update on their smartphones. This error message is mostly seen on custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod and some devices running Chinese UI like MIUI and EMUI on Xiaomi and Huawei phones. Recently, many devices got the Marshmallow update and due to some incompatibility issue these devices are experiencing many Google Play store related errors.

There are many methods to fix Google Play Services has stopped error/Google app not working and the most effective methods are mentioned below.

Method 1: Clear Data Cache of Google Play Services & Play store

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> All
    • (On LG phones, settings >> General >> All)
  • From the list, Scroll down and select “Google Play Services” >> Tap “Clear Data”
  • Again, Scroll down and select “Google Play Store” >> Tap “Clear Data”
  • Again, Scroll down and select “Google Services Framework” >> Tap “Clear Data”

Note: In some devices running Android Marshmallow 6.0, you will have to first make system apps visible. To do this, go to settings >> Apps >> All. Now tap menu button (top right) and select “show system”. Then for clearing data like in step 3, you will need to go to Apps >> All >> Google Play Services >> Storage >> Manage Space >> Clear All Data. Repeat the same step for “Google Play Store” and “Google Services Framework”. Additionally, you can also “clear cache” for each.

Method 2: Uninstall Google Play Services updates

This method is useful if you are running Android 5.0 Lollipop and earlier operating system. Before you uninstall Google Play Service updates, you will need to remove your Google account from Settings.

  • Go to settings >> Accounts >> Google >> Tap on you Gmail Address
  • Tap Menu button (icon) and then select “remove account”
  • Again, go to settings >> Apps >> All >> Google Play Services >> Uninstall updates
    • (In case of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Apps >> All >> Google Play Services >> Permissions >> enable all)
  • Again, go to settings >> Apps >> All >> Google Play Store >> Uninstall updates
    • (In case of Marshmallow, Apps >> All >> Google Play Store >> Permissions >> Enable all)

Method 3 (For Custom ROM users):

If you have a rooted device with a custom Android ROM installed with custom recovery, first try wiping cache partition from recovery. Reboot and see if the problem persists. If you still get the error check your GAPPs zip file and make sure it is compatible with your custom ROM. Re-flash the Gapps package and reboot system. If you still get the error, the problem may be caused by a buggy OS. So, it’s time re-flashing another custom ROM. While you may not have to completely wipe data or factory reset your device, it is recommended that you perform a clean installation.

Method 4: Sideloading Google Play Services and Play Store

Here will download an APK file of the latest Google Play Services compatible with the Android OS installed on your phone. First you will need to allow installation from unknown sources. Go to Settings >> Security >> Enable “Unknown Sources”. Now you can download the Google Play Services apk file and then install it.

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Do you have any other solution for Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped error? Drop a comment with your fix and recommendation.

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How To Install Norton Antivirus With Product Key

Friends Norton Activation is The Part Where You Redeem and Activate Your Norton Product Key And Norton Setup is the Part where You Download, Install and configure Your Norton Antivirus.

Let’s Get to It And explain You the How to Redeem And Activate Norton Antivirus Using Retail Card (Product Key )

before activation your computer should be connected with internet –

  1. Find the Product Key from Purchased CD printed on a sticker on back-side of CD
  2. Double-Click on Norton icon located on your Desktop.
  3. Then You will show “Renew” link at the bottom of Windows Click that link.
  4. Show you a link to Click ” I Have Product Key OR Code Enter” Button
  5. After Click you will Show for ask Product Key OR Product Serial Number
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review the Subscription Details.

Now Follow These Steps to Activate Norton Antivirus Protection –

  1. Please Open The Full Browser of Your Choice Like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge Or Internet Explore.
  2. Now Type At Top of Your Browser And Go to Norton Official Website.
  3. In Next Steps, Please Login Or Sign Up With Norton Account (We need Norton account to Install And manage Norton Services)Norton account is a must-have thing.
  4. Once Login to Your Norton account Please Enter Your 25 Digit Norton activation code And Click Next.

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Now Your Norton Retail Card has Been Redeemed And You can Install the Norton Product and run the setup.

Setup Norton Antivirus-

Once Your Norton Antivirus Has Been Activated Follow these steps to Download and setup Norton Antivirus Security.

  1. Please Login to Your Norton Account And go to Services.
  2. Select Your Purchased Product And download the Norton Antivirus.
  3. Now Run the setup files And Run the Installation And Follow On-Screen steps.
  4. Once installation Is Done Please Don’t Forget to Restart Your computer.

Once Your Norton Activation And Norton setup are done Please Update your Norton antivirus Product And Restart the computer One more time. After the restart, Please Run a full Virus Scan to Secure Your Computer.

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How To Reset Your Windows XP Password In Home

You just go home and sat down at the computer Room Mate to Type, the 2000-word homework thats due tomorrow. Your roommate on your computer, and wait patiently for the Windows XP loading screen disappears. After what seems an eternity, finally you look at the login screen. As their password in hand, the idiot used the birthday of his old friend, she was watching, wondering if you can change it. Press the Enter key, and you are rewarded with a beep. Uh oh. You try to pray again that has not changed his password. No luck. Caps-lock off? Check. Still no good. Shake your stomach, bile salt in your throat, you’re fucked! Actually, not really. Reset windows xp password is easier than you think.


How to log on as administrator

Start the computer in Safe Mode. After the Power On Self Test is finished, press and hold the F8 key until the Start menu appears. Use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode, and then press ENTER to confirm the selection. Now you can see the administrator account next to your user account on the Welcome screen.

Log on as administrator. If this is the first time that you have logged by using the administrator account, there is no password assigned to the account. You can just clickAdministrator. Note If you have logged on as Administrator in the past, you may have assigned a password to the account. If this is the case, type the password.

After you log on, Windows notifies you that it is running in Safe Mode. Click Yes.

How to reset the password

You can now reset the password for your user account. To do this, follow these steps:

1)Click Start,

2)click Control Panel,


3)and then double-click User Accounts.

4)Click your user account,


5)and then click Change the password.

6)Enter a new password, enter it again to confirm the password, and then set a password hint.

7)Click Change Password.


Note You can also use this opportunity to set a password for the administrator account, if you have not already done this. If you do not assign a password to the administrator account, your computer can be accessed by anyone. To set a password for the administrator account, follow the same steps as for your own user account. You can also create a password reset disk. Your password has now been reset. Restart your computer, and then log on by using your new password.

There you have. If you are a visual type, than take a look at the source below.

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Unfortunately Google App has Stopped Error on Android

Solutions To Fix “Unfortunately, Google App Has Stopped” Error on Android

Solution 1: Soft Reset Phone To Fix Unfortunately Google App Has Stopped

This is the very first troubleshooting that you must follow. You can do soft reset of your phone which simply means restarting your device. This is very effective solution if you have not Switched OFF your phone from very long period of time. A soft reset will power cycle your phone.

It is a very good habit that you must Switch OFF your phone every few days for few minutes, this will keep variety of issues away from your phone whether it is related to App stop working, phone working slow, etc.

Solution 2: Fix Unfortunately Google App Has Stopped By Clearing App Data & Cache

Clearing App data and cache to fix unfortunately Google app has stopped working, and such errors are very effective as it clear app data and cache files that have been accumulated due to regular usage of App from long time. Hence, it is suggested that all users must clear at least App cache for apps to work smoothly.

Here how to clear data and cache:

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Swipe left until you find All.

Googl App stop working

  • Scroll down to app that is creating problem and tap on it, say for example “Play Store”. Now simply tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Fixed Google App stop working

Now check if your problem is solved or not, if not then follow the next solution.

Solution 3: Uninstall Google App Updates

Here are the steps on how to uninstall Google App updates. These steps are performed on Samsung phone.

  • Go to Settings on your device.
  • Select Applications > Applications Manager.
  • Scroll to find Google App (if you don’t see it in the list, tap the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner of the screen and then select show system apps).
  • Select Google App.
  • Select Uninstall Updates.
  • When uninstall is complete, reboot phone.

I hope your problem should be gone now. If not, then go to next solution.

Solution 4: Uninstall and Re-install App To Troubleshoot Google App Has Stopped

In some cases, if the app is not in-built, then you can try to remove/uninstall app which is creating problem and re-install it to resolve this issue.

Solution 5: Boot Phone Into Safe Mode

In this solution we will try to find out that if third-party apps have something to do with it which is creating problem. For this, you have to reboot the phone into Safe Mode. Rebooting phone into safe mode disable all third-party apps. If the error is occurring due to third-party apps, then this error wouldn’t show up while your phone is in safe mode.

Here how to boot your phone in Safe Mode:

  • Switch OFF your device.
  • Press and hold Power button and when “SAMSUNG” logo appears on the screen, release the Power button.
  • But as soon as you release the power button, press and hold the Volume down button and hold it until device finishes restarting.
  • Safe Mode will get displayed on the left corner of the screen. When you see ‘Safe Mode’, then release the Volume down button.

Assuming that error does appear in safe mode, then find the third-party app that is creating problem (it could be recently third-party downloaded apps) and uninstall it.

Solution 6: Update your Android OS (If your Android is running on older Android version)

Updating Android OS can help you to get rid of unfortunately Google app has stopped problem. If your Android phone or tablet has an Android system update then immediately update it. This solution has actually worked for many users.

Here how to upgrade Android OS:

  • On your Android phone go to Settings > About phone > About device > System update.

Here you can check and update your Android operating system.

Solution 7: Fix Unfortunately Google App Has Stopped By Factory Reset

If none of the above solution work for you then the last option left with you is to factory reset your Android phone to fix the issue.

Here how to factory reset to fix unfortunately, Google App has stopped working:

  • On your device go to Settings > Backup and reset.

  • Next, tap on “Factory data reset” and then tap on “Reset Device”.
  • Now Tap on “Erase Everything” as shown in the screenshot below to factory reset your device.

Once factory reset process gets complete, your device will reboot automatically and you have to set it up once again and after that you will not see unfortunately Google App has stopped error anymore on your Android device.

Unfortunately, Google App has stopped Working is not a very big problem and it does mean that there is a problem in your Android device, App or in Android OS. It is random error occurs due to various reason in given situation and it can be easily fixed by following the above mentioned solutions.

How to Change Gmail profile picture

How to change google account picture

Is this your first time on google or you have been using google services like gmail, google drive and others without changing your profile picture and you want to do that right now, go ahead and follow the step below to change google account picture.

Changing your google account picture is simple and easy. Today i will take you on the step by step to change google account picture, By changing this, other google service picture including Gmail, Google Map, Google Drive will be changed.

STEP 1  on how to change google profile picture

Open your computer Browser and Login to or any other google service


Navigate to >><<

STEP 3 on How to Change Google Account Picture

Click on the Account Picture Icon: The Account Picture Icon is at the Top Left of the screen see picture below.

Change Google Account Picture
Change Google Account Picture

Step 4

A new Pop Up Box will show containing the Gmail Account User, Email, Privacy and Google Account and a Large Icon in Circle, in the large Circle Icon, Click on the “Change” make sure your mouse button is on the “Change” Before clicking. see picture below.


Select Profile Photo: 

New large box will pop up after clicking on change Button,

Here in this step you Either Drag a Profile photo from you computer to the large pop up window screen or you Click on Select  “Photo from your computer” Select the picture, after selecting the picture, wait for  few minute for picture to upload.

Then click on “Set as Profile Photo

You are Done, Yes you are done on how to change google account picture.

Note: it take atleast 24 hours before you new google account picture will appear.

Thanks for reading my post today on How to change google account picture, I Hope this Post Help.

I would like to hear your feedback on How to change google account picture on this post if you need any guide or you are having issues with any of this step above kindly use the comment button 

Have you successfully  change google account picture or photos on app,?

Reset Google Chrome Settings without Reinstalling

This blog explains how you can Reset Chrome Settings without Reinstalling it. Yes, you read it right, you can reset Google Chrome to default state without uninstalling the software.

If you are looking for a lightweight browser that helps you to load your favorite sites and download stuff at lightning speed, then Google Chrome is the answer. But even after being so versatile in its features, sometimes Google Chrome too gets slow and doesn’t work up to the mark. While the web pages take time to load, the download speed also decreases and all of this happens because of the junk, cookies, and cache that it acquires. And so resetting Google Chrome to the default settings will help you fix all issues related to the browser. Check out the following article to knowhow to reset Google Chrome without reinstalling.

If you too are facing slow download speed, it is because of the junk files that have been collected over a period of time. Here are some ways that will help you completely reset Chrome Setting without reinstalling it.

Reset Google Chrome to Default Settings

Now you can reset Google chrome completely with the new version of google chrome. When you will open the Settings of the browser you will be able to find this new version. As you will opt for this function and activate it, your Google Chrome will restore to the initial state and return to the state just like it was initially installed on your system. But that doesn’t mean that your bookmarks will be removed. Yes, this is one amazing feature that makes resetting Chrome to its default state a good option. And so we can conclude the above as-

“The settings of the web browser restore to default. As a result, the homepage, search engine, and new tab page reset, and even the extensions get disabled along with unpinning of the tabs. Also, the other cache, cookies, and temporary data will clear up.

Default Settings that are Restored

The following settings will restore to the default state if you opt to restore the settings of your favorite web browser, Google Chrome.

  • Homepage and tabs- The default homepage is set to Chrome, and the startup tabs too will be set as default.
  • The new tab page- The new page that you open by clicking on the new tab option sets to default.
  • Default Search Engine- The search engine will restore back to Google.
  • Your pinned tabs- Another feature that will restore to its original state are your pinned tabs.
  • Content Settings- It allows pop-up windows from some sites and use devices like microphones.
  • Cookies and site data
  • Extensions and Themes

How to Reset Google Chrome without Reinstalling

Fix your slow running Chrome browser by resetting and restoring it to the initial state. But if you are not aware of how to fix it, then you can check out the following two methods by which you can restore it without reinstalling the browser.

1. Reset Chrome Settings from Chrome Settings

By resetting your Chrome settings from the settings of the Chrome, you will be able to restore all the above-mentioned settings like new tab page, search engine, homepage to default. With this method, even your cache, site data, content, cookies, along with the cache and temporary data will clear up. In order to reset the Settings of Google Chrome, follow the steps given below carefully.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser and locate the three vertical lines icon. It is generally located at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2: A new window with a list of links will pop-up. Then click on the Settings options.

Step 3: Another new window will open after you click on Settings. Scroll down to locate Show Advanced Settings.

Step 4: Select the Advanced Settings option. This will open a new page of Advanced Settings.

Step 5: There will be a Reset Browser settings option at the Advanced Settings Page, right at the bottom. Click on this option.

Step 6: After clicking on the Reset Browser settings option, you will observe a new pop-up window asking for your confirmation.

So now to finish the restoration process, click on Reset option. With this step, your work will complete. Now your Google Chrome will restore to the default settings. So now your Google chrome is all cleaned up and ready to function at great speed. But in case you do not want to opt for this method, then you can hop on to the next method.

2. Delete User Profile to Reset Chrome Settings

In case you are not sure about the above method and are still wondering how to reset Google Chrome without reinstalling, then this other method is for you. For this method to work, you need to delete the default user profile. This will ensure that every junk file is deleted from your PC resulting in the restoration of Google Chrome settings.

Display Hidden Chrome Files

Many of the files are usually hidden in the newer version of Google Chrome and so by displaying these hidden Chrome files you can complete the process.

Step 1: Firstly click on the Start button. And then click on Control Panel.

Step 2: Then locate “Appearance and Personalization” option and click on it. Next, click on the Folders option and locate “Show Hidden Files and Folders.” Now click on it. This will open the folder options window.

Step 3: Next to select the “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives” option click on the radio button on it. Click on apply option and press Ok.

By completing the above steps, the default folders will become visible. So now you just need to delete these default folders so that you can reset Google Chrome.

Deleting Default Folder 

Step 1: Click on the Start option. Now invoke the run command window either by pressing the Windows key+ R at the same time or by typing “run” in the search box.

Step 2: Now type “%appdata%” in the run box and press Ok.

Step 3: This will open the roaming folder. So now navigate to the App Data folder.

Step 4: Now click on the following options in the given way-

Local> Google> Chrome> User Data

The full path is- C:\Users\ComputerUsername\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

Step 5: After you follow the given route, locate the Default Folder on the page at which you end. And then back it up. Now through the exit option at the bottom right, close Chrome, and Task Manager.

Step 6: So now you are ready to delete the default folder.

As the process will complete, all your cookies, cache data, history, bookmarks, and user data will also clear up. And your system will have an all-new, clean and fresh Google Chrome.

That as all, people. These were the two methods that will help you reset Google Chrome  Settings without reinstalling. We hope that after restoration you will be able to upload and download at a faster speed. If you have any other questions or want to share some other methods, then do hit the comment section below.

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Charter Email Account Password Recovery Steps

Earlier Charter email was at the web with the domain,later it change domain with,having issues with your Charter email account then meet Charter customer support phone numbertechnicians,they can help you in any situation of Charter email.It is also known as Charter password recovery phone number and is provided by Charter customer care, a help desk phone number of Charter Email.
Do you want to update,recover or change Charter email account password? Not to worry we are here for help you call Charter helpline phone number 1 844 780 6751 with the best and experienced team of technician all across the United States.

Recover Your Charter Email Account

  • To update Charter email password go to:
  • home page.
  • Go to ‘Sign In’ at the upper right corner.
  • Thereafter,under the Users section click ‘Users’.
  • In the following pop up select the user whose information you want to update by clicking at the respective ‘Display Name’.
  • The next pop up will appear,go to the ‘General Section’,further then follow the all mandatory instruction and then click ‘Submit’ button.
  • If the changes you made done successfully,you will get a confirmation email.
  • Please keep in mind that the password you have chosen must be:
  • a combination of letters(small and capital),digits.
  • must be at least 8 characters long.
  • For the security,it shouldn’t your Date Of Birth,Mobile No,and like 123.. or abc…
  • Note: Passwords are always case sensitive.

If you face any kind of problem then must ​charter email password recovery page