How to merge two gmail accounts

How to merge 2 Gmail accounts?

1. Start forwarding emails from the second account to the first account.

2. Auto-Forward emails from the yellow Gmail account to the white account, so all emails are in one location.

3. Go to the white Gmail account > Settings  > Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

4. Click on “Add forwarding address” and enter the Gmail address of the white account.

5. Google will ask whether you want to forward emails to the main account; just click “Proceed.”

6. Go to the main account, and you should see an email from Google stating that we need to confirm receiving emails from account one. Click on the link, confirm, and that’s it!

7. Now go back to the yellow account:  Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Choose Forward a copy of incoming mail (we recommend you pick “Keep the copy”).

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How to fix if Google Play Store not working

The Google Play Store could sometimes become unresponsive or freeze randomly, while trying to download a new app or update an existing app in Android. Although there is no definite root cause or fix for this issue, there are a few known workarounds to overcome this problem on more occasions than not.

Try toggling the Airplane mode on and off, as this simple trick often helps in resolving intermittent crashes with Google Play Store app.

Toggle Wi-Fi, restart router and handset

Sometimes the Play Store issue can be triggered by connection issues with your Wi-Fi network. In such instances, you can just turn the Wi-Fi connection off and then on, to reset the settings and regain lost connection. You might also try restarting your Wi-Fi router and also your handset as the last resort.

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Check for disabled apps

It is known that certain disabled apps could cause conflicts with other apps that are sharing data with it, especially when user apps are linked to system apps like Google Play Store. So, it would be wise to re-enable all such apps and services by going to Settings > Apps > All and then locating the recently disabled apps.

Force close Google Play Store

Force closing the Google Play Store is the simplest way to fix random freezes with the app. You can do this by just swiping away the Google Play Store app on your multi-tasking app switcher. Alternatively, go to Settings > Apps > All and then select Google Play Store from the list and tap Force Stop.

Erase Google Play Store cache memory

Your handset is designed to store frequently used data in cache memory, in order to speed up loading and processing times with reduced data usage. On the downside, the accumulated data can pile up over time and lead to memory conflicts on your phone. Hence, it is a good idea to clear the cache regularly.

To erase the cache memory, just head over to Settings, choose Apps and then select Google Play Store from the list by tapping on it. Now, you can hit the Clear cache button from the available list of options.

Source : Google App not working

Delete Google Play Store data

If clearing out the cache memory didn’t help resolve the problem, then you must delete Google Play Store related data. Just head over to Settings > App Manager and then tap on Clear Data.

Uninstall updates to Google Play Store

As the Google Play Store is a system app, you can only uninstall its recently installed updates and cannot actually terminate or remove the app completely. In other words, you can revert back to older version of the Play Store app and later try updating it, once the issue is resolved.

Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and hit Uninstall updates.

Clear cache and data on Google Play Services

Google Play Services are also known to cause intermittent issues with older apps as their cache memory starts piling up with more and more data over time. So, it is a good practice to clear up the cache and data, using Play Services on the App Manager.

Check and correct your date/time settings

Improper date and time settings could often cause issues with Google Play Store servers, as there is a mismatch while syncing with date/time settings on your phone. Just set the date/time syncing to automatic mode and check it that helps. Otherwise, just try setting up the device’s date/time settings in accordance with the internet time synchronization service.

Disable Proxy or VPN settings

Certain VPN and Proxy users have been reportedly affected with Google Play Store issues and disabling the Proxy settings seems to be the only viable solution for this problem. To access these Settings, just long-press on your router name, click Advanced and select Wi-Fi. Alternatively, open VPN settings via more section under Wireless and networks category.

Removing and Resetting Google account

Some users report that resetting Google account has helped them to fix Play Store issues on few occasions. Go to Settings > Accounts and select your Google account. Then select the 3-dot menu button and hit remove. Add your account back and then try to access the Play Store.

Factory data reset

As a last resort, you can try restoring your device to factory or stock settings by performing the Factory data reset. Go to Settings > Backup and Reset, and then click Factory data reset. On the ensuing warning screen, tap on the Reset Phone button and then hit the Erase Everything button

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How to Fix Web Page Loading Display Text Only on Your Browser?

Page not loading only text Adblock error

Solution 1: Clearing Host blocking firewall

  1. Go to start, click on Computer
  2. Here open C: Drive > Windows folder
  3. Look for System32 and open the folder
  4. Now look for folder named ‘drivers’
  5. Here open folder etc
  6. Under folder etc click on hosts and open the file using any text editor like notepad
  7. Now clear any written content or URL servers in the file and simply save the file
  8. Reload your page the problem will be fixed

Note: please try this very carefully, since editing host file can also terminate your internet access on your system.

Solution 2: Deal with AdBlock Extensions or Add-Ons

As I said the browser extensions can many times interfere with page layout due given its working structure. The error generally occurs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or for such instance in any other browser which allows browser extensions.

Many times the main culprit is Adblocker extensions like AdBlock Plus, AdBlock, AdGaurd, Ghostery etc.

  1. For Google Chrome, Go to settings of your Browser and under extensions look for Adblock extension and delete them
  2. Once deleted, close all the tabs and close the program
  3. Open the browser and again install the Adblock extensions
  4. The page will load properly

Same applies for Mozilla, you can delete the Add-On and re-install it.

Solution 3: Reset Browser Settings and Clear Browsing Data

Follow below guide for Google Chrome browser

1. Click on the upper right of the browser toolbar.
2. Click More tools.
3. Click Clear browsing data.
4. Place a checkmark in the following boxes: Browsing history. Download history. Cookies and other site and plug-in data.
5. Select the beginning of time from the drop-down menu.
6. Click Clear browsing data.

Please note: Clear browsing data will actually remove locally stored cache and cookies. Hence, you may need to re-login into all the website, however, the passwords and auto-form will stay in-tact.

What resolved your problem with text display?

The main culprit in my case was the Adblocking extension that was installed on Chrome browser. I temporarily deactivated the AdBlocker and refreshed the page. The content started displaying correctly without any issue.

If you have any other problem or still facing issues with the browser. Do comment below for assistance and suggestions.

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24/7 Mozilla Firefox Customer support Number

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Firefox keeps crashing on startup and their solution

A crash is what happens when Firefox closes or quits unexpectedly and the Mozilla Crash Reporter appears.

If Firefox keeps crashing when you open it, this article will show you how to get it working again.

Other problems with crashing:

If Firefox starts without crashing but then crashes, later on, see the Firefox crashes – Troubleshoot,

Prevent and get help fixing crashes

If Firefox will not start at all, but the Mozilla Crash Reporter appears, See the Firefox will not start – find solutions blog or call at Mozilla firefox customer support number

Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Phone Number: 1-866-535-7333

For any technical problem or problem, Mozilla does not provide any direct technical support services.

Common Issues on Mozilla Firefox:

  • Start Firefox in Safe Mode

  • update Firefox

  • Firefox password is not working

  • Firefox Crashing

  • Firefox lost data

  • Firefox Data Recovery

  • Firefox is not sending or receiving emails

  • Firefox is not receiving email

  • Do not send Firefox email

  • Firefox does not work on Windows 10

  • Firefox Email Missing

  • Firefox is not installed

Our skilled and certified technicians come with the promise of providing 100% resolutions for all Mozilla Firefox technical glitches that come in your way of using the browser in the most effective manner. They even go a step ahead and take the remote access of your device only to solve your problem from its very roots without involving you in the procedure. If you are facing any problem with your Mozilla Firefox browser, do not think of solving it all alone, feel free to call us and directly have a word with us. Our technicians and engineers are always available to be it anytime of the day or the night.

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