How to delete gmail account

Google’s gmail is believed to be most popular email service in the US, as stated by the statistics, still people always need something new instead of having an old gmail account. So that they can ease the use of technology.

There is a certain period of time where you can recover your deleted gmail if your mind change after some time. But after the account is permanently deleted, you cannot keep the same username. So you must think before permanently deleting your gmail account. You can follow these steps to delete your gmail account.

  • Go to the gmail account settings.
  • Now choose data & personalization.
  • Here you will be redirected to a new page, scroll down and click on “Delete a service or your account” and select “delete a service”.
  • Now here you can select the service that you wants to delete by clicking on “trash icon”.
  • Now enter your alternative email address that is associated with this gmail account.
  • Now click on “send a verification email” and open the gmail that shows “gmail deletion confirmation”.
  • Follow the link and under the confirmation link choose “yes I want to delete permanently from my google account.
  • Now click on “delete gmail” option to permanently delete your account.

Congratulations! You have successfully deleted your gmail account.


Mozilla Firefox not Loading and Working Properly

When there were not many web browsers available for the users, Mozilla Firefox was considered as the first preference. There is no doubt that this browser is the perfect combination of features and tools and is even supported on all operating system platforms. But when some errors like Firefox not responding or working comes up, it irritates the users. In this blog, you can have a glance at the best solutions to fix the problem that you are facing. It is recommended to get in touch with Mozilla Firefox customer service if you have any difficulty in troubleshooting.

Network connection, system problems, compatibility issues and many others can be reasons behind the Firefox not working. But the below-enlisted options will surely prove helpful.

Solution: How to Fix Mozilla Firefox not Working Problem

Refresh your Firefox browser
There is an option of Refresh firefox which enables the browser to start afresh leading to restoring of performance. It will remove add-ons and customization to default settings. To refresh, go to settings > troubleshooting > refresh firefox.

Disable the Hardware acceleration
Hardware acceleration in any browser is meant to improve the performance. But sometimes it can be irritating too. You can turn off the option by clicking on the general > performance > uncheck ‘use hardware acceleration when available’.

Try entering via safe mode
A faulty add-on or extension may be responsible for the issue so you must try to enter the browser via safe mode. Go to help > troubleshooting information > restart with add-ons disabled > click start in safe mode.

Delete duplicate session restore files
To remove the redundant files, you should select the troubleshooting information > open folder >find out and remove the sessionstore.js files and any copies. Restart your Firefox.

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How to fix Unfortunately Google App has Stopped Error on Android Devices

How to fix Unfortunately App has Stopped Error on Android Devices – Android is one of the leading affiliates in the world of smartphones. Since more than 80% of phones come equipped with the Android operating system, the Android OS clearly steals the show. No matter what your budget is, you can always get an Android-based mobile phone. Be it a premium smartphone or a budget phone, Android offers you everything. This Google-backed mobile operating system has achieved a lot and it currently has the monopoly in the world of mobile operating systems. Nobody except iOS is able to compete with the Android mobile operating system. Android is worth giving a shot.

There are hundreds and thousands of mobiles that come equipped with the Android operating system. Now depending upon the configuration, price, and hardware, you may have a different user experience. Usually, Android provides a very smooth user experience, sometimes the budget smartphones with low configuration can cause a bit of issue, especially when they grow old. For instance, a few months ago I was using an Android-based smartphone which started throwing some issues. I started getting an error message saying, “Unfortunately app has stopped”. This error message started popping up for a number of applications that were stored on my device.

unfortunately app has stopped


Recently I came to know that a lot of users were getting the error message – Unfortunately app has stopped. So, I thought of sharing my experience and knowledge on this particular error so that a number of users can be benefited from this. First of all, we should get into the root cause of this error. If I keep it short, the lack of storage on your device causes this error. As your phone grow old, it tends to fill up due to your WhatsApp messages, SMS, Call logs, and App Data. When you launch an app, it needs a certain memory to start properly. When the app doesn’t get the required memory, it throws an error message saying – Unfortunately App has stopped. Now that we know the root cause of this error message, it is high time we should start implementing the methods to fix Unfortunately App has Stopped error message.


In this section, you will get all you need to fix Unfortunately google app has stopped error message on your Android device. All you need to do is follow the steps given in each method and make sure you are following the instructions carefully. Now we are all set to fix this error message. So, let us get started.


For me, it was WhatsApp that was throwing this error. So, I had to clear the cache memory and data for WhatsApp. You need to identify the application that is causing the issue and clear the data and cache of that app only. If you are not aware of how to do that, you can simply follow the steps given below here:

  • Go to Settings and tap on Installed Apps or Apps depending upon the phone you are using.

unfortunately app has stopped

  • Now scroll down to find the App that is causing the error.

unfortunately app has stopped

  • Tap on Storage option as shown in the screenshot.

unfortunately app has stopped

  • Now on Clear Data button at the bottom.

unfortunately app has stopped

  • Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data option one by one.

unfortunately app has stopped

  • Once done, try to relaunch the app and you should be good to go this time.


As discussed in the root cause of the error message – Unfortunately Google app has stopped workingyou need a decent amount of space on your device to ensure proper functioning. So, if it is possible for you to delete some unused apps or games from your device, please do that immediately. Free up as much as you can. This will give enough space for important apps to ensure they work properly without any resistance.


A corrupted SD card can also cause Unfortunately app has stopped error message. In fact, this has been the case for a lot of users. It might be possible that your SD card is not in a good state or is corrupted. So, it is worth trying to launch the application after removing the SD card. If your SD card is the culprit, the app should work well this time. In such a case, consider scanning your SD card to replacing it completely.

How to Reset my Hotmail Password

Although for some it’s already obsolete and its actual name is Outlook, not Hotmail, as we used to know it in the past, there are many users who still continue using their accounts on this email service, may it be so they don’t lose touch with some people or have the necessity to have several email accounts. In any case, if you don’t use hotmail frequently it’s normal to forget your password, that’s why one would like to explain how to reset your Hotmail password.

Steps to follow:

1. Start by logging in to the Hotmail web site. You’ll find an access panel where they’ll ask for your Microsoft account, which means your email address, and your password, which is the one you’ve forgotten. That’s why you should press the link beneath the Login button which reads “Can’t access your account?”

2.You’ll be redirected to a window in which you’ll have to indicate the problem. In this step you must press on the “Forgotten my password” option and click on the next button.

3.The next window will make you type your hotmail email address, or your ” Microsoft account” as the system now calls it. Additionally, you must write the security characters the system shows. Press the “next” button.

4.For the next step, Hotmail’s security system will require you confirm your identity to allow your password to be sent. As you can see on the image there are two ways of doing so, through another email address which you have liked to your Hotmail address, or answering a security question. Choose your preferred option and follow the rest of the steps to reset your Hotmail account.

5.If you don’t use your alternative email address any longer or don’t know if you can answer the security question, you must click on the link below the “next” button which reads “I don’t use it any more”. If you do so, the system will allow you to create a new account to check the rest and send your password.

Chrome not Responding Troubleshooting Guide

Google chrome is an authentic and the most reliable web-browser. This web browser is extremely popular among the individuals and it helps different individuals across the world in getting access to the great information present on different platforms. But nowadays different issues may crop up regarding Google chrome not able to work smoothly on the latest versions of Windows and some other platforms as well.  Well, this becomes such a troubling scenario in some cases and it is difficult to cope up with such troubling scenarios. So, to sort out these kinds of issues let us take some steps so that the issue of Google Chrome not responding is sort out.

Steps to solve the issue of Google chrome not responding:

  • If chrome is not working smoothly the first step you can take is to check for any malicious malware. In case you wish to prevent any unpleasant case in this regard, you can go for choosing antivirus software so that any issue in this regard can be sorted out effectively.
  • You can also opt for clearing the cache and history of your web browser. This will solve the issue of Google chrome not responding accordingly.
  • The next solution in this regard is that you should have the latest version of Google chrome.
  • In case you still have this issue, you can opt for deleting any add on extensions in this regard.

If you still have any issues in Google Chrome not responding then you can opt for a reliable third-party solution in this regard.

Gmail Has Stopped working or Not working

Why does Gmail Stopped Working for You?Like any other web-based email service, Gmail also has its own limitations. Although Google is working tirelessly to make Gmail an absolutely problem-free email service there are many factors that can cause Gmail to stop working. Some of these factors are as follows:
Using Gmail on an unsupported or outdated internet browser.Too many caches stored in the browser causing hindrance in Gmail workflow.Improper configuration of your PC can also result in Gmail stopped working problem.Gmail not compatible with the device you are using.Forgetting Gmail login password.Gmail account blocked by

Google.Disabled Javascript in your web browser.Antivirus and Windows firewall settings blocking Gmail to load properly.The 3rd partly extensions and add-ons in web browsers interfering with Gmail workflow.Whatever is the reason if you are unable to use Gmail then you probably miss some important emails. So, you should fix Gmail problems as early as possible.
How to Fix Gmail stopped working problem?“Gmail stopped working” is a generalized term used for different Gmail errors and issues. Steps to fix different Gmail issues are as follows:
Gmail won’t load or loading slowing
Generally, these kinds of issues are related to the web browser you are using. Here is how you can fix them.
First of all, make sure you are connected to a proper internet connection.The browser you are using should be readily compatible with the Gmail.Clear browser data such as cookies, cache, search history and try to load Gmail again.Temporarily disable add-ons and extensions one by one and run Gmail again.If the problem continues, then you may disable the Gmail labs and try to run Gmail again. .

Forget Gmail Password
Forgetting the Gmail password is one of the main reasons why users have to face Gmail sign-in issues. Let’s go through the steps by which you can fix these problems.
Visit the Gmail login page and provide your Gmail email address.Then click on Forget password link.

This will start the Gmail password recovery.Enter the last password you remember.Then, Gmail will send you a verification code either on your recovery phone number or alternate email id.Enter the received verification code.Create a new password for future login.