How to Fix Web Page Loading Display Text Only on Your Browser?

Page not loading only text Adblock error

Solution 1: Clearing Host blocking firewall

  1. Go to start, click on Computer
  2. Here open C: Drive > Windows folder
  3. Look for System32 and open the folder
  4. Now look for folder named ‘drivers’
  5. Here open folder etc
  6. Under folder etc click on hosts and open the file using any text editor like notepad
  7. Now clear any written content or URL servers in the file and simply save the file
  8. Reload your page the problem will be fixed

Note: please try this very carefully, since editing host file can also terminate your internet access on your system.

Solution 2: Deal with AdBlock Extensions or Add-Ons

As I said the browser extensions can many times interfere with page layout due given its working structure. The error generally occurs in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or for such instance in any other browser which allows browser extensions.

Many times the main culprit is Adblocker extensions like AdBlock Plus, AdBlock, AdGaurd, Ghostery etc.

  1. For Google Chrome, Go to settings of your Browser and under extensions look for Adblock extension and delete them
  2. Once deleted, close all the tabs and close the program
  3. Open the browser and again install the Adblock extensions
  4. The page will load properly

Same applies for Mozilla, you can delete the Add-On and re-install it.

Solution 3: Reset Browser Settings and Clear Browsing Data

Follow below guide for Google Chrome browser

1. Click on the upper right of the browser toolbar.
2. Click More tools.
3. Click Clear browsing data.
4. Place a checkmark in the following boxes: Browsing history. Download history. Cookies and other site and plug-in data.
5. Select the beginning of time from the drop-down menu.
6. Click Clear browsing data.

Please note: Clear browsing data will actually remove locally stored cache and cookies. Hence, you may need to re-login into all the website, however, the passwords and auto-form will stay in-tact.

What resolved your problem with text display?

The main culprit in my case was the Adblocking extension that was installed on Chrome browser. I temporarily deactivated the AdBlocker and refreshed the page. The content started displaying correctly without any issue.

If you have any other problem or still facing issues with the browser. Do comment below for assistance and suggestions.

Source : Website not loading in Chrome


24/7 Mozilla Firefox Customer support Number

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Firefox keeps crashing on startup and their solution

A crash is what happens when Firefox closes or quits unexpectedly and the Mozilla Crash Reporter appears.

If Firefox keeps crashing when you open it, this article will show you how to get it working again.

Other problems with crashing:

If Firefox starts without crashing but then crashes, later on, see the Firefox crashes – Troubleshoot,

Prevent and get help fixing crashes

If Firefox will not start at all, but the Mozilla Crash Reporter appears, See the Firefox will not start – find solutions blog or call at Mozilla firefox customer support number

Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Phone Number: 1-866-535-7333

For any technical problem or problem, Mozilla does not provide any direct technical support services.

Common Issues on Mozilla Firefox:

  • Start Firefox in Safe Mode

  • update Firefox

  • Firefox password is not working

  • Firefox Crashing

  • Firefox lost data

  • Firefox Data Recovery

  • Firefox is not sending or receiving emails

  • Firefox is not receiving email

  • Do not send Firefox email

  • Firefox does not work on Windows 10

  • Firefox Email Missing

  • Firefox is not installed

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How to increase google drive space

Increase Google Drive Storage limit up-to 30 TB

If you are running out of storage in your Google Drive account and increase its capacity up-to 30TB then you should follow these steps.

Google Drive is a awesome service offered by Google for storing data or any files in cloud storage to access from anywhere like mobile, tablet, desktop browser and even computer client. Every file uploaded in Google Drive is automatically synced into cloud and will be available across different devices.

Currently Google offer free storage of 15 GB to every normal Google account and 30 GB for Google Apps account. What if you have depleted and utilized this complete storage capacity ? How to increase the capacity further ? It is Possible to increase Google Drive Storage ? These are very common questions across online forums. The answer to all the question is YES. It is possible to increase the capacity beyond limit. For that you need to buy additional storage online.

There are different plans based on storage capacity and it starts from 100 GB to 30 TB with varying month subscription price. Following are plans available for upgrading storage capacity:

  • 100 GB — $1.99/month
  • 1 TB — $9.99/month
  • 10 TB — $99.99/month
  • 20 TB — $199.99/month
  • 30 TB — $299.99/month

Now how buy and increase Google Drive Storage capacity:

  1. Login to your existing Google account
  2. Go to Google Drive Storage
  3. Choose desired plan for subscription (mentioned above)
  4. Buy out using Google Wallet.

Your plan will be continued until the subscription is canceled and there might be addition charges such as taxes based on your country or location.

Google Drive Storage Purchase

Once you have buy out using Google Wallet, your storage will be immediately upgraded to chosen plan.

How to Recover Deleted Gmail Messages/Chat History

Possible way to recover deleted Gmail Hangouts messages

Google Hangouts is a communication app includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP feature. It is very popular among young people using Android phones, tablets and iOS devices. But many users have encountered the terrible situation where they accidentally deleted one or more Hangouts messages or conversations, but later request a restore. It is quite annoying because Google Hangouts never store any deleted chat history. Once they got deleted, they are completely removed from the Hangouts app. So does it means it is impossible to recover deleted Hangouts messages? Of course not. Here we offer you a possible Hangouts message recovery way to retrieve your lost conversations:

How to find and review Hangouts messages in Gmail

If your Hangouts history have been turned on for Gmail to automatically save your chats. You can try to find and review Hangouts messages in Gmail when you deleted them by mistake.

1. On your computer, open Gmail. Make sure it’s the same account you use for Hangouts.
2. On the left side of the page, click More at the bottom of your Gmail labels list.
3. Click Chats. You’ll see a list of all your Hangouts histories that you saved.
4. Find the Hangout you want to read, and click to open it.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Has Stopped Working

Microsoft Outlook 2016 has stopped working” error may occur due to several reasons.  This includes faculty add-ins, lost or damaged DLL files, incorrect Outlook configuration, to name a few. In addition, corrupt PST file is also an important factor which needs to be addressed with immediacy i.e. repair the PST file. This Blog discusses how.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 stopped working

Check Event Viewer

The Event Viewer is a good diagnostic tool in Windows provides access to users to view the event logs on a local or a remote machine. Through the event logs, users can sort out reasons for the errors more easily. Thus it is highly recommended to check the Event Viewer as soon as we receive “Microsoft Outlook 2016 stopped working” error message —

1. In the “Start Menu”, type “event” in the search field

2. Then from the list that appears, select “Event Viewer” or “View event logs

Microsoft Outlook 2016 stopped working

3. In “Event Viewer” window, expand “Windows Logs” and select “Application”

Microsoft Outlook 2016 stopped working 4. Then in the “Source” column of the centre pane, locate “outlook”“Windows Error Reporting” or “ApplicationError” Check the recent event logs from the three sources. You may receive some related error. For instance, like theMSVCR90.dll file.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 stopped working

5. If you are able to identify the reasons of the errors from the event logs, proceed to take the following actions to fix the error.

However, many a time, you may not be able to receive the useful information. Thus, in this case, you can take the following measures to resolve the issue —

Remove Faulty Add-ins in the safe mode

  1. Firstly, start outlook in the safe mode.
  2. Search “outlook.exe/safe” in the “Start Menu”. Next, press “Enter
  3. Then, go to “File” > ”add-ins”>”Go”Microsoft Outlook 2016 stopped working
  4. In the new dialog box, remove all the third-party add-ins and only leave the Microsoft add-ins.

Create a New Outlook Profile

Follow the below steps:

  1. To start with, head to “Control Panel” > “mail” applet
  2. In the new dialog box, click “Show profile

Microsoft Outlook 2016 stopped working

  1. In the latter dialog, click “Add” button and give a specific name to it.
  2. Next, add the email account.
  3. Now, change the new created profile as the default email profile.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 stopped working

6.  Finally, restart outlook.

Repair office installation

Follow the steps below:

  1. At the beginning, open “control panel,”, and click “Uninstall program.”
  2. In the subsequent window, click on Microsoft Office and click “change.”
  3. In the new popup window, select “Quick Repair” and click “Repair” button.Microsoft Outlook 2016 stopped working
  4. After the repair process ends, restart Outlook.

Repair Corrupt PST File via ScanPST

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and search “Scanpst” in the installation directory of Outlook.
  2. Double click on “SCANPST” to run this tool.
  3. Then Select the file using the “browse” button and search the file by clicking on “Start
  4. After scanning, click the “Repair” button to initiate the repair process.
  5. Finally, restart Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 stopped working

Source : Microsoft Outlook Not Working

How To Fix Issue If Pinterest Not Working on Google Chrome

Pinterest provides a browser button extension to make pinning easier for web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. In another tutorial, I talked about adding Pin It button to Google Chrome, which you may want to check if you are also a Chrome user. Now, we will see how to do that in Firefox.

Before starting, I should say that you can safely install and use the Pinterest browser button extension since it is the official extension developed by Pinterest. There may also be other third party extensions which claim to do the same thing but they may have privacy or security issues, so beware of such extensions.

Steps to fix Pinterest not working on Google Chrome

  • First of all, try opening the website in some other browser and see whether the problem still persists. With this, you will get to know which one has the problem Chrome or Pinterest.
  • Then, you just have to uninstall the web browser Chrome and after some time installing it again.
  • After the web browser is reinstalled, go to the settings option and then clear the cache and remove all the saved cookies on your web browser.
  • After you are done clearing the cache and removing the cookies, enable the JavaScript on Chrome browser.
  • After doing so, simply update the browser.
  • You have to do one thing and that is to disable all the extensions available and use only one that is very much suitable for the Pinterest.
  • Now, you can <strong>browse in the private mode of the browser as it provides more security

By following the above steps, your problem regarding the Pinterest not working on your web browser Chrome will be surely solved

Hotmail Password Recovery

Hotmail is a free (i.e. advertiser supported) web based e-mail system that the Microsoft Corporation provides.

Hotmail Password Recovery

Hotmail password recovery methods include:

  • Resetting the Hotmail password online
  • Recovering the stored Hotmail password from the web browser

Resetting the Hotmail Password Online

The easiest way to recover a Hotmail password is to go to the MSN Reset Password page.

To use the MSN Password Reset page to recover a Hotmail password, the user must know four pieces of data:
  • E-mail address
  • Country/Region
  • State
  • Zip Code

Recover a Hotmail Password from the Web Browser

Most Hotmail users allow their web browsers to store their Hotmail password. Each web browser stores the Hotmail password in a different manner.

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